Trip Sites: Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the answers to some questions that come up regularly


Can I access a Trip Site from my smartphone or tablet?

Sure. It's a website, so just use the browser on your smartphone or tablet to access it. No extra charge.


How secure is private information on a Trip Site?

We don't keep any private information on a Trip Site. Each traveler decides what to include on their private page, and we don't require any private information (although we like to have a phone number and an email address, these are not mandatory)


If we make a deal and I decide to add more features, or remove some features, later, is there an extra charge?

Yes. Because many pages are integrated into your package, it takes some work to cross check all the pages; in that case there will be a change fee. The amount depends on the complexity of the update. This might be in addition to adding in the fee for a new component.


Why is a Trip Site better than the free options offered by Google, Yahoo, and Facebook?

Several reasons:


Doesn't a Trip Site compete with the information on our travel agent's site?

No. Trip Sites complement such information:







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