Course Description

Building Websites


Course Code: G210
Recommended Duration: 2 Days

Benefits - Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Layout a website homepage
  • Choose a background (solid color, gradient, image) for all or most pages
  • Create borders and frames around pages
  • Include copyright, privacy, and version information
  • Choose and implement a navigational style
  • Use server-side includes to provide common sections of pages and update information
  • Manage pictures using image-processing software, thumbnails, JavaScript, and AJAX coding
  • Use document.write to create printable versions of pages
  • Use tables for displaying information
  • Note: this course is being created and its structure, duration, and content may change


Anyone who needs to create or maintain a website, using a Windows PC.


Familiarity with major web components (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM as covered in our course G200, "You and HTML and the World Wide Web"

A course narrative

After one day you can construct a home page with a pleasing color scheme, page layout, and navigation design

After two days you can manage images and use tables for such purposes as trip itineraries, organized links, and structured information

Spread throughout the course are tips on design, testing, and debugging your work.


There are 10 hands-on exercises.



The student materials include 300+ page notebook and a USB memory stick with supporting files for all the labs

These are reference quality materials with summaries and a comprehensive index