Course Description

Server-side coding


Course Code: G220
Recommended Duration: 2 Days

Benefits - Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Code CGI programs in php to perform various functions on the server for a website:
  • Generate webpages incorporating passed information
  • Create saved webpages then transmit them to the user
  • Send emails regarding actions taken on the server side
  • Create MySQL (or similar) tables on the server for holding user information
  • Add, modify, and delete rows in MySql tables
  • Note: this course is being created and its structure, duration, and content may change


Anyone who needs to create common gateway interface (CGI) programs on a webserver.


Familiarity with forms and transmitted data as covered in our course G200, "You and HTML and the World Wide Web"

A course narrative

After one day you can code php programs to emit HTML pages, and to create permanent HTML pages

After two days you can save, access, change, and delete information in a relational database such as MySQL using php

Spread throughout the course are tips on design, testing, and debugging your work.


There are 8 hands-on exercises.



The student materials include 300+ page notebook and a USB memory stick with supporting files for all the labs

These are reference quality materials with summaries and a comprehensive index