Is Your Website Not Working For You?


Are you having any (or all) of these problems?

Why not Take Back Control?

"But we have an existing contract with our supplier"

* Note: I am not a lawyer, and every situation is different; seek professional legal advice if there is any doubt.


The Global Travel Factory provides a new web curriculum designed to make your employees productive as soon as they return from class.


These are instructor-led, classroom based classes with hands-on labs and a focus on developing practical skills.

These are very intense sessions that will work you hard.

Minimum class size of 1: once we have 1 student committed, we will teach the class.

Maximum class size of ten students, ensuring plenty of personal attention.

Here's some information about the course developer and instructor, me.

Contact me, Steve Comstock, directly for more information.


Our web development courses are not tied to any particular development framework (WordPress, Weebly, etc.) - we teach what works for any website using any browser